JANUVIA Sitagliptin

Januvia 25/50/100 mg Tablet is an antidiabetic medication used on my own or in mixture with other drugs to treat type 2 diabetes in grownup patients. Patients are counseled to comply with a strict weight-reduction plan and exercise regimen along side this medication for the nice viable effect. This medicinal drug isn't always endorsed for use in sufferers with type 1 diabetes and diabetic ketoacidosis.
Substance active: Sitagliptin
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Side results

Major & minor facet effects for Januvia 25/50/100 mg Tablet

  • Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Chills
  • Blurred vision
  • Confusion
  • Nausea
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Sore throat

Uses of Januvia 25/50/100 mg Tablet

What is it prescribed for?

Type II Diabetes Mellitus
Januvia 25/50/100 mg Tablet reduces blood glucose stages in sufferers with type II diabetes mellitus.


Commonly requested questions

Onset of action
The peak impact of this remedy can be located after 1-4 hours of administration.

Duration of impact
The quantity of time for which this remedy remains active inside the body is not clinically established.

Safe with alcohol?
Consumption of alcohol isn’t endorsed during treatment with this medication because of the increased hazard of excessive adverse results.

Is it dependancy forming?
No habit forming dispositions have been suggested.

Usage in pregnancy?
This medicinal drug isn’t advocated for use in pregnant girls unless necessary. All the dangers and benefits need to be discussed with the health practitioner before taking this remedy.

Usage whilst breast-feeding?
This medicinal drug is not recommended to be used in breastfeeding women except really necessary. If the drugs is used, close monitoring of the infant for any undesired aspect effects is recommended.

When now not to use?


This medicinal drug isn’t always recommended for use in sufferers with a acknowledged hypersensitivity to sitagliptin.


Warnings for special population


This remedy is not recommended for use in pregnant women until necessary. All the dangers and blessings need to be mentioned with the medical doctor earlier than taking this medication.


This medicine is not advocated for use in breastfeeding women unless absolutely necessary. If the medicine is used, near monitoring of the little one for any undesired facet results is encouraged.

General warnings

Use in youngsters

This medication isn’t recommended to be used in youngsters and adolescents.

Bullous pemphigoid

This remedy have to be used with warning due to the increased danger of bullous pemphigoid, a allergy reaction of the pores and skin. Any unusual symptoms inclusive of skin blisters or pores and skin rashes must be pronounced to the physician on priority. Therapy with the medicine can be discontinued primarily based on the clinical condition of the patient.

Diabetic ketoacidosis

This medicinal drug is not encouraged for use in sufferers with a recognized records of diabetic ketoacidosis because of the increased chance of worsening of the patient’s situation.

Type 1 diabetes mellitus

This medicine is not advocated to be used in sufferers with kind 1 diabetes mellitus.


Missed Dose

Take the missed dose as quickly as you do not forget it. If it’s miles nearly time to your subsequent dose, skip the ignored dose. Do no longer double your dose to make up for the neglected dose.


Seek emergency medical remedy or touch the physician in case of an overdose.


All drugs interact otherwise for person to individual. You should check all the viable interactions with your medical doctor earlier than starting any remedy.

Interaction with Alcohol




Consumption of alcohol isn’t recommended during treatment with this medicine due to the increased threat of extreme adverse consequences.

Interaction with Medicine

  • Clozapine
  • Acetazolamide
  • Gatifloxacin
  • Benazepril
  • Bexarotene
  • Bumetanide
  • Disease interactions
  • Pancreatitis

This medicine should be used with intense caution in patients with a known records of pancreatitis because of the increased hazard of recurrent pancreatitis. Report any signs and symptoms together with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, etc. To the physician immediately. Therapy with the drugs may be discontinued based totally at the clinical condition of the patient.

Renal Dysfunction

This medicine have to be used with severe caution in patients with a history of kidney diseases because of the increased danger of worsening of the patient’s circumstance. Appropriate dose adjustments need to be done primarily based on the clinical condition.

Food interactions

Information not available.

Lab interactions

Information not available.

This isn’t an exhaustive listing of feasible drug interactions. You must seek advice from your physician about all the possible interactions of the medication you’re taking.

General Instructions

Take Januvia 25/50/100 mg Tablet without or with food. Do now not overwhelm or bite the tablet. Do not absorb large or smaller quantities than recommended/prescribed. Consult the medical doctor if you revel in any undesirable facet results. Do not prevent using this remedy with out consulting your physician.



Additional information

Medication Leaflet


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